Language for Learning, Series Guide

Language for Learning is a comprehensive oral language program that teaches essential concepts and skills that children need to succeed in school. The program provides carefully sequenced lessons to help students: Learn vocabulary commonly used by teachers, as well as by textbooks and other instructional material Develop precise knowledge of little, but important, words such as first, next, between, who, what, and where Use different sentence forms, ask and answer questions, and follow instructions Acquire important background information and world-knowledge, such as days of the week, months, and seasons Figure out the logical aspects of language, such as classification and if-then reasoning Features: Thinking and Understanding are part of every lesson Carefully orchestrated lessons teach the language of classroom instruction Provides the building blocks for verbal and reading comprehension Opportunity for both group and individual practice of the content of the exercise Continuous integration and review of all the concepts and skills Original stories and poems to be read to the students Placement Test and 15 Program Assessments ensure that children are working on concepts appropriate for their ability