Brassington, Land & Lead Miners: A History of Brassington

In the sixth century, foreign invaders discovered a 'treasure' of a resource buried beneath the rugged green hills of Brassington Valley and Carsington Pasture - lead ore. The mineral that they unearthed was to shape the history of the Derbyshire village for centuries to come. Illustrated with more than fifty photographs, this book traces the development of Brassington, from its prehistoric origins as a small farming settlement, to the time when it was controlled by extravagant Roman landowners and pillaged by fierce Scandinavian warriors, through to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when it became a prosperous centre for the lead-mining industry. Providing a fascinating insight into mining history, the book also shows how the growth of industry impacted on the villagers' lives and is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the fascinating heritage of the Derbyshire Peaks.