Landolt-Bornstein: Group IV: Macroscopic and Technical Properties of Matter: Vol 6: Static Dielectric Constants of Pure Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures

More than 30 years after the publication of a data collection on dielectric properties in the 6th Edition of Landolt-Bornstein (Volume II/6) the complete volume IV/6 is presented here, providing an up-to-date view for this property. Important data from volume II/6 have been included in the present collection to spare the reader to consult the older tables. The present volume concentrates on static dielectric constants of pure liquids (mainly organics) and for the first time also of binary liquid mixtures at normal pressure. The vast amount of measured data forced the author to restrict the part for the binary mixtures to one single data set for each binary mixture at one temperature (in all cases where more than one data set at different temperatures was given in the publication, the set at or nearest to 293 K was chosen). This selection is in accordance to the fact that in most cases users are interested in deviations from a linear mixing behaviour only, which does not very much depend on temperature.