Land, People, Nation: A History of the United States

Land, People, Nation, Third Edition, by Anna Uhl Chamot and Kathleen Anderson Steeves, helps students build the skills they need to study history and geography. The short, engaging readings and color illustrations, maps, charts, and graphs help students build valuable interpretive skills as they master academic content and develop language proficiency. The book provides explicit instruction in learning strategies based on the CALLA model (preparation, presentation, practice, self-evaluation, and expansion). The book also serves as a valuable alternative for students experiencing difficulty with a basal American history text. Land, People, Nation includes a new section, "Be a Historian," that builds basic skills in history and geography, such as using primary and secondary resources, applying analysis skills, and using maps, globes, charts, and graphs. Each unit begins with a timeline, plus warm-up activities that encourage students to relate their background knowledge to the unit topics. Vocabulary-building exercises, learning strategies, and comprehension checks help students understand and recall what they have learned.There are also opportunities for students to research, write, and present reports on important people and events in U. S. history. "Listening" sections allow students to practice their listening and note-taking skills. "Viewing" sections enable students to visualize past and recent events more clearly. At the end of each unit, expansion activities have students think in depth about a historical topic and apply the lessons of history to their own lives. Features: *Aligned to the national history standards.*Correlations to assist in lesson planning.*Website listings to assist instructors.