Laminations and Foliations in Dynamics, Geometry, and Topology: Laminations and Foliations, May 18-24, 1998, Stony Brook

This volume is based on a conference held at SUNY, Stony Brook (NY). The concepts of laminations and foliations appear in a diverse number of fields, such as topology, geometry, analytic differential equations, holomorphic dynamics, and renormalization theory. Although these areas have developed deep relations, each has developed distinct research fields with little interaction among practitioners. The conference brought together the diverse points of view of researchers from different areas. This book includes surveys and research papers reflecting the broad spectrum of themes presented at the event. Of particular interest are the articles by F. Bonahon, 'Geodesic Laminations on Surfaces', and D. Gabai, 'Three Lectures on Foliations and Laminations on 3-manifolds', which are based on mini courses that took place during the conference.