Knowing the Heart of the Father: Four Experiences with God That Will Change Your Life

Many Christians wonder how they can have a felt experience of the Bible's truth...and why they don't. David Eckman shows how the Scriptures unveil four great experiences - heart/soul transformations - that create vibrant, living Christianity. God wants every Christian to...have an all-encompassing and distinct sense that he or she has an Abba Father in heaven; have a sense of being enjoyed and delighted in by the Father; recognize that the Father sees us differently than we see ourselves; realize that who we are is more important than what we do. When biblical truth and day-to-day experience match up, Christians find freedom from slavery to performance or the constant quest for spiritual highs. And the wounds inflicted on them by life and our culture...guilt, shame, worthlessness, a sense of abandonment...will be bound up by the Father as they are led back to His outstretched arms.