Knossos Pottery Handbook: Neolithic and Bronze Age (Minoan)

This volume presents the most up-to-date synthesis of the Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery sequence of Knossos, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Mediterranean and European prehistory. The Knossos pottery sequence has formed the backbone of Aegean prehistoric chronology for over a century, and this is the first publication since Sir Arthur Evans' Palace of Minos that provides - within one cover - a complete overview of the main ceramic developments, which have occurred at this key site during more than five millennia (ca. 6500-1100 BC). The volume is written by a small international team of archaeologists with extensive and first-hand knowledge of Knossian ceramics, whose work, over the years, has thoroughly questioned and modified previous dating of important ceramic assemblages and traditional definitions of ceramic phases. Their chapters present not only new updates of their previous works, but also a thorough re-examination of the stratigraphic and stylistic evidence currently available, and include previously unpublished material. The volume is provided with over one hundred black-and-white illustrations, and is accompanied by a CD with colour images of selected Knossian ceramics. It will be an indispensable work of reference for archaeologists working in the prehistoric Aegean as well as other Mediterranean and European regions.