Knitting Everyday Finery: Practical Designs for Dressing Up in Little Ways

Paperback / softback
New Zealanders have known all along the pleasure of making, wearing and giving beautiful hand knits. We've always been great knitters. This is a book of gorgeous accessories, including scarfs, hats, mitts, gloves, slippers, socks, bags and more ...from NZ's leading international knit designer Mel Clark. Mel's knitting designs are published internationally, and she is well known in the US through running her yarn retail business in California for 15 years and as co-author of Knit 2 Together, with comedian Tracey Ullmann. In this book she has made a collection of patterns that are not only finery, in the sense of dressing up in your best, but also practical accessories made with love and quality materials that can be worn at any time. With these patterns, which include designs for men and women, you will be able to create knits with the 'wow' factor, inspiring 'where did you get that?' enquiries - the ultimate compliment for a knitter.