Kids Online: Opportunities and Risks for Children

As the internet and new online technologies are becoming embedded in everyday life, there are increasing questions about their social implications and consequences. Children, young people and their families tend to be at the forefront of new media adoption, benefiting from early take-up of new opportunities afforded by the internet, mobile and broadband content, online games and peer-to-peer technologies. However, they also encounter a range of risky or negative experiences for which they may be unprepared. These risks, the everyday contexts in which they occur, and the ways in which they are being addressed, are all subject to continual change. This book captures the diverse, topical and timely expertise generated by the EU Kids Online project, which brings together 60 researchers in 21 countries across Europe. Each chapter has a distinct pan-European focus - this comparative approach is unique in a domain dominated either by American findings internationally or by local findings.