Keeping Your Business in the U.S.A.: Profit Globally While Operating Locally

Here to bring back the pride, confidence, and jobs that Made in the U.S.A. once generated-Keeping Your Business in the U.S.A.: Profit Globally While Operating Locally shows American enterprises how to survive and prosper while keeping their manufacturing base within the United States. It tells the stories of three manufacturing companies that have been able to buck the outsourcing trend and achieve overwhelming success while keeping jobs in the States. Using case studies, the book illustrates each company's story from the day it started. It examines the successes, failures, lessons learned, and methods used by each company to achieve and sustain success. The authors integrate nearly a century of combined experience to compare the different business strategies, make key observations, and provide helpful tips for duplicating the recipes that led to these companies' overwhelming success. Debunking the myth that U.S. manufacturers can't compete with cheap labor countries, the authors detail seven recipes they have found to be common denominators among the successful companies they have encountered. These manufacturing veterans provide you with simple but effective ingredients, the recipes, and the way of thinking needed to re-establish Made in the U.S.A. as the beacon of progress and quality it once was. Watch co-author Paul Piechota discuss how this book can benefit your business.