Kalpana's Dream

Neema's great grandmother, Kalpana, is coming to visit. She's been dreaming of flying again, and now she's ready to leave her village in India. Neema and her friend, Kate, have just started at Wentworth High. For English they have pale Ms Dallimore; everyone calls her the Bride of Dracula. Ms Dallimore wants her students to think, and imagine - and learn to fly! At first, Neema is awkward with Kalpana. Kalpana doesn't speak English and Neema doesn't speak Hindi. But when they meet the flying boy, they both remember something they had lost long ago.Judith Clarke writes with tenderness and humour in this story of coming together and finding the essence of who you are. Clarke's quiet wisdom and keen understanding will touch hearts and stimulate imagination'Wolf on the Fold - Publishers Weekly US