HIGHLIGHT Updated and revised edition of a Manning classic and the only in-depth book on JUnit. Explains modern unit testing principles and the latest features in JUnit 4.5. DESCRIPTION Unit testing during software development, done properly, can mean the difference between a project's success and failure. JUnit in Action, Second Edition is an up-to-date guide to unit testing Java and Java EE applications using the popular JUnit framework and its extensions. Revised and updated from the best-selling original, the book provides techniques to help readers exploit JUnit 4.5. JUnit in Action, Second Edition summarizes many related open-source tools, offering a mature view of the unit testing field including strategies for EJB, database, and web applications. With real-world examples throughout, the authors demonstrate how to incorporate open source frameworks with JUnit, and explain test-driven development and other best practices for modern unit testing. KEY POINTS * Strong early demand through Manning's Early Access program (MEAP) * Covers latest JUnit 4.5 features including annotations, exception handling and assertion methods * Concise and developer-centric In Action style * Examples with AJAX applications, mock testing, test automation and more