Juniper Networks Field Guide and Reference

The first in-depth, definitive book from Juniper Networks, the innovator of high-performance routing platforms used by the world's largest service providers. Written and edited by Juniper engineers and editors, this book has been produced to be a portable technical compendium on all things Juniper. This comprehensive reference was culled from an incredible array of technical material including technical manuals (5000 pages), Juniper Technical Assurance Center FAQs and field alerts (2000 pages), Juniper Engineering Labs,, and the Juniper Customer Service Center. The organization is superb -- its vast number of tables has been distilled into at-a-glance comprehension, and pointer and marginal cross-references aid the reader to easily find the information they seek. The book covers the most recent software releases, including JUNOS 5.3, the newest routing platforms, the T-Series Routing Node and the complete M-Series routers. It even includes more than 100 pages of sought-after sample configurations direct from Juniper's labs.