Jumpin' in the Fire: A Life in Rock 'n' Roll

Sean Tyla has always had a reputation for, to put it mildly, plain speaking. In this autobiography he commits this attitude to his writing in a book that tells the story of his life as a musician trying to make a living in the 1970s. The story starts with his entry into the business in 1970 as a jobbing songwriter for Lionel Bart, through to the formation of ace pub rockers Ducks Deluxe and onto The Tyla Gang. Tyla so nearly made it, with a gold disc in Germany to his credit, and made the cover of Le Monde, who dubbed him 'Le nouveau Christ' In a sense the book is about what might have been. Show Tyla a golden opportunity and he'll blow it! This is the man who turned down an offer to join Motorhead, passed on producing the Sex Pistols and signed for Stiff Records rather than Warner Bros. This is partly what makes the story so fascinating. There are plenty of books about 1970's excess - of chauffeur driven limos, soulless stadiums and endless supplies of cocaine. For Tyla it was mainly unreliable tour vans, smoky pubs and amphetamine sulphate, plus occasional glimpses of the promised land to keep him going. Given his lifestyle back then, it is amazing that he is still alive. In fact, he has reformed both the Tyla Gang and Ducks Deluxe and is embarking on tours in 2010 and 2011 that would daunt a man half his age. Foreword by Will Birch.