Judicial Staff Directory 2009/Winter

National Courts. Walk through the highest levels of U.S. courts with the complete insider's guide to: Federal judges of the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Federal Claims, Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court, and more. Information, ABBS and PACER numbers with access fees Court locations and direct dial phone numbers Judgeships and vacancies noted Federal Courts of Appeal, District and Bankruptcy Courts. Quickly identify the chief judge, clerk of court, court probation officers, U.S. marshals and more. Names of all federal judges for the circuit, district and bankruptcy courts with locations and direct dial phone numbers. Staff listings include clerks, deputy clerks, administrators, probation officers, pretrial services officers, public defenders, U.S. marshals and U.S. attorneys. Special information numbers with access fees Authorized judgeships for each court with number of vacancies noted. State Courts. We have expanded our reach into courtrooms on the state level. All State Appellate Courts, including judges and their personal staffs, court staffs and administrative offices, with addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address where available. Counties and Cities. Find out which circuit and district court represents any of the 14,000 cities and largest cities in the U.S. Listing of 14,000 cities and counties with population, circuit and judicial district. Organized alphabetically by state with Circuit Justice noted. Biographies. Get beyond the judge's chambers to the background each judge brings to the court with more than 2,800 detailed biographies of judges and court staff including: Notable decisions Education and career records Memberships and publications Awards and personal interests Indexes.Convenient, time-saving look-up features, include: U.S. Court Locator with page reference Judges - alphabetically, by appointing president and by year of appointment Individual name index with telephone and page reference Web access is available for 5 or more users. For more information contact: directorysales@cqpress.com FREE TRIALS and WEB ACCESS: directorysales@cqpress.com WEB FEATURES: FREE - Judicial Staff Directory on the Web is free to all two-edition print subscribers. See pricing information for more details.