Judgement and Decision Making

How do people decide what to do? What is the origin of judgment? These questions are fundamental both to individual psychology, and across the social sciences. Judgement and Decision Making bring together the classic works in the field of the past 50 years, both setting the field in historical and theoretical context, and outlining cutting edge research. The articles range across psychology, economics, sociology and neuroscience, and deals both with fundamental and applied research. Volume 1, Foundations, sets out core background material. Volume 2, Individual Decision Making, considers how people make choices, including choices between complex options, and choices involving risk and time. Volume 3, Probability and Judgment, considers how people reason with uncertainty, estimate frequencies, and determine degrees of confidence. Volume 4, Interactive and Group Processes, considers how people make decisions in social interactions, group decision making, and implications for economics and society. The collection is targeted and advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Psychology, Economics, and Business, and provides a foundation for students and practioners in cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, behavioural finance, neuroeconomics, and marketing.