Juden und Christen in der Antike

The book opens with an impressive article by Georg Kretschmar. The relationship and the increasing difference between Jews and Christians are determined by the way Jews and Christians have defined themselves against one another. Christians saw Jews as those who rejected Jesus, and therefore identified themselves in opposition to the Jews. The one and only Church, in origin Jewish and gentile became - by definition - anti-Jewish. One of the consequences was Auschwitz, for Jews a never-ending experience. The distinction between Jews and Christians is still present in modern definitions of Church. The problem remains: how can Jews and Christians be defined differently, and both be successors to the same tradition? Other contributions are: Legem statuimus, on rhetorical aspects in the discussion (Johannes S. Vos - Amsterdam), Wie steht es um den judischen Einfluss auf den christlichen Martyrerkult? (Willy Rordorf - Neuchatel), Die Epistula Anne ad Senecam (Wolfgang Wischmeyer - Heidelberg), Juden und Christen in Georgien (Tamila Mgaloblishvili - Tbilisi), Juden und Christen in Alexandrien (Roelof van den Broek - Utrecht), Juden und Christen im Heiligen Land (Adolf M. Ritter - Heidelberg), Juden und Christen in Aphrodisias (Pieter W. van der Horst - Utrecht). The book is written in German.