Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey to Atlantis

Choose Your Own Adventure: Journey to Atlantis Journey to Atlantis...You are a deep-sea explorer. You are searching for the lost continent of Atlantis. Under the sea, many challenges test your courage, strength, and judgment. You use the newest deep-sea technology to avoid giant squids, sharks, and other dangers of the sea. But can you also find Atlantis and return to tell the world? The Choose your Own Adventure series is unique new series consists of 30 titles adapted from the wildly popular Choose Your Own Adventure series, which has sold over 250 million copies worldwide, and spawned an entire genre called 'interactive fiction'. What makes Choose Your Own Adventure different is that you, the reader, are the main character. You make the choices that can lead to a happy conclusion-or perhaps to a terrible fate! Each title is made up of several branching storylines, with up to 30 different endings. As a result, most readers read each book again and again, experiencing a different story each time. Originally targeted at reluctant readers, Choose Your Own Adventure has helped to develop critical thinking, literacy skills, and an interest in reading for a whole generation of English native speakers. Now adapted for English language learners of any age, the Choose Your Own Adventure series is a fun addition to any extensive reading library. Indeed, the stories are so engaging we guarantee that even non-ESL learners will enjoy reading them!