DVD video
Powerful tools for mathematics instruction can make a good lesson great. Math Tools in Action, an exciting new video series, explores Anchor Charts, Journals, and Manipulatives, three of the most effective tools for helping students understand the Common Core Standards while encouraging them to become critical thinkers. During the past two decades, Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez have worked to deepen and improve math instruction at schools around the country. Now you can watch as they teach and comment on a complete lesson using each of these essential math tools-tools that will help you deepen and improve your own math instruction. Simple and accessible, Journals bring the mathematical practices to life in the classroom on a daily basis. Math journals invite students to relate their own ideas, experiences, and prior knowledge to the learning at hand while encouraging them to clarify their thoughts and to use challenging and precise math vocabulary. Watch Chris and fourth-grade students investigate a mathematical argument using their math journals.