John Wesley: His Puritan Heritage

First published by Abingdon Press in cooperation with Epworth Press (London) in 1966, this work has become a standard reference on Wesley and Methodism. John Wesley's broad dependence on Puritan source material and the similarity of many of his teachings to those of the Puritans was recognized among his contemporaries and his commentators. This study documents and assesses that dependence by considering selected areas of theological concern shared by Wesley and the Puritans in their application of the gospel to a believer's daily life. The current volume has been revised and updated, making it more comprehensive and more readable while maintaining the strength of scholarship of the 1966 edition. Expanded attention is also given to Wesley's use of Richard Baxter and John Goodwin. A new final chapter examines the relationship of Wesley and the Puritans to the poor in their societies. Throughout the book, attention has been given to incorporating the insights of recent Wesley and Methodist scholarship. As a result, the bibliography is substantially expanded and updated.