John Milnor Collected Papers, Volume 1: Geometry

This volume contains papers on geometry of one of the best modern geometers and topologists, John Milnor. This book covers a wide variety of topics and includes several previously unpublished works. It is delightful reading for any mathematician with an interest in geometry and topology and for any person with an interest in mathematics. (A number of papers in the collection, intended for a general mathematical audience, have been published in the American Mathematical Monthly.) Each paper is accompanied by the author's comments on further development of the subject. The volume contains twenty-one papers and is partitioned into three parts: Differential geometry and curvature, Algebraic geometry and topology, and Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. Although some of the papers were written quite a while ago, they appear more modern than many of today's publications. Milnor's excellent, clear, and laconic style makes the book a real treat. This volume is highly recommended to a broad mathematical audience, and, in particular, to young mathematicians who will certainly benefit from their acquaintance with Milnor's mode of thinking and writing.Information for our distributors: A publication of Publish or Perish, Inc.