John Betjeman: A Bibliography

Sir John Betjeman (1906-1984), Poet Laureate, was probably the most widely-read English poet of the twentieth century. Because of his frequent appearances on radio and television and his fervent devotion to the preservation of England's architectural heritage, his face and voice became familiar to millions. Few other poets of any century have had such a powerful influence on their contemporaries. This bibliography lists and describes all of his known writings, including his own books, ephemera, contributions to periodicals and to books by others, lectures, and radio and television programmes. Other categories such as editorships, music settings, and dramatic adaptations of his poems, recordings, and interviews are also included, as well as a section devoted to writings about him. Manuscripts and drafts of all his works are described in detail. This enormous body of material is thoroughly indexed, cross-referenced, and in most cases annotated. Now at last the activities of this remarkable man - both a poet and a cultural phenomenon - can be seen in their full breadth and complexity.