Jansen - FGG - Gesetz uber die Angelegenheiten der freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit - Kommentar: Band 2: 35-70n FGG

After 36 years, the well-founded work from Paul Jansen is now published in the 3rd edition. Even if the basic comments of the founder had in many cases been kept, the more than 70 changes to the law since 1969 in a wide section made a complete revision necessary anyway. The subsections on welfare cases (65-69o) and accommodation cases (70-70n) e.g. are completely new. The new edition of the extensive commentary considers the extensive changes of the law concerning voluntary jurisdiction through the legislation particularly the Welfare Law, the Filiation Law Reforms, the Justice Modernization Act including the Censure Hearing Act, which came into effect on the 1st January 2005, as well as the conversion of the European Parliament guidelines and also the reform discussion. Literature and judicature are taken into consideration up to August 2005. Publishers and authors all have practical experience in voluntary jurisdiction, e.g. as a judge, judicial officer, notary. They are also employed as lecturers in universities. Their publications range from family law and property law through the certification law up to the law on enforcement and insolvency law. Some works are published by the same publishers.