Series: Stars S.
When, at age 31, Jacqueline Kennedy became the youngest and most elegant First Lady America had ever known, the entire world succumbed to her charm. A mere three years later, in Dallas, Texas, she emblazoned forever on the world's consciousness the image of her dignity and calm strength of spirit as she bore upon her slender shoulders the weight of a nation's sorrow. This illustrated volume offers a first-hand perspective on the woman at John Kennedy's side, from the days of her privileged youth, to her historic period as First Lady, to the years after her husband's brutal assassination. We follow Jackie from her East Coast childhood in East Hampton, Virginia and Newport, to the political whirlwind of Washington, to her refuge in Greece with Aristotle Onassis, to her life as mother and book editor in New York City, where at last she could escape the turbulence of public life. Revealing Jackie's most vital interests and concerns, from her valiant struggles to protect her family from the media, to her lifelong dedication to art and learning, the book illustrates the many facets of this fascinating woman who has become an icon of elegance, intellect and courage.