It's Not Me, it's You: The Ultimate Breakup Book

The perfect anti-valentine for any and all lonely-hearts, this is an irreverent guide to relationship collapse, filled with real world advice - and laughter - for everyone going through or getting over a breakup. Are you tired of a world that celebrates weddings, but gives breakup short shrift? Enter It's Not Me It's You , the indispensable to guide to the ceremonial of breaking up - before, during and after. Authors Anna Jane Grossman and Flint Wainess offer witty wisdom for the about-to-be-dumped, newly dumped and those thinking-about-dumping. Do you have the right vocabulary, for instance, for a successful break-up? Do you have a plan of attack (or defense) in mind? Or, if you've just been sent packing, is your fridge stocked with the appropriate items? Have you excised your ex's number from your speed-dial? Maybe you just need a little help rediscovering the balance in your life that a few days ago seemed like the ultimate feng-shui. It's Not Me, It's You , lays out all the time-tested tips on how to weather the breakup storm: whether to do it; how to do it; how not to do it; what to wear; and most importantly of all, what do to after you've broken up. It's Not Me You It's You reminds dumpers and dumpees everywhere that even if the relationship was a mess, the breakup can be a total success!