Israel on Broadway America: Off Broadway - Jews in the New Millennium

Rabbi David Forman's engaging, bold and already controversial book offers tough advice as it examines the delicate, troublesome relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jews - particularly in the United States, where American Jews so often feel the pinch of a precarious dual-loyalty. Israel On Broadway pulls no punches when defending Forman's vision for Judaism in the coming century. His words are sharp. His meaning is clear: Judaism in America is moving farther and farther away from its religious and historical heritage. Only Israel can provide a spiritual and national base for Jews. It's a hard fact, but either you are in or you are out. Though Forman's words ring with alarming tones, Israel On Broadway was not written as a critique, rather as a prescription for building a stronger, healthier Judaism for the new millennium. As an American-born Rabbi living in Israel; as an activist, a writer and a community leader, Forman adds a fresh and remarkably insightful perspective to a subject that is of great importance to the Jewish world.