Israel in The World: Changing Lives Through Innovation

Israel is unique among post-colonial states: it has succeeded by any standard Western measurement. Not only has it developed a vibrant system of democratic governance, but it has also created a unique cultural voice and developed an economy that matches, and in some cases exceeds, that of several European Union states. Its success is felt at home but also throughout the world. Israel is major trading nation - Britain's single largest trading partner in the Middle East - and its development in science, technology, medicine, education, agriculture and the arts have contributed to its global reputation for innovation and excellence. With a founding population of just 600,000 people, Israel has absorbed Jewish immigrants from every corner of the world. Today, little more than half a century later, some six million people, including one million Arabs, speak the newly revived language of Hebrew and call themselves Israeli. Without any natural resources, Israel's assets are its people, their creativity, their intellectual energy and their collective determination to use the nation's 'brain-based' industries to succeed in spite of persistent existential challenges. This book will examine the integration of Israel's economy, its ideas and innovations in the global marketplace. Strictly non-political, it will look at the Israel that exists behind the tragedies and dramas that form the daily headlines.