Islam in Dutch Society: Current Developments and Future Prospects

This book generally discusses three main topics connected to the situation of Muslims in Dutch society. First of all, attention is given to the subject of faith and rituals such as the existing mystical orders, mosque sermons and the institutionalization of ritual slaughter. The second subject deals with Islam and the second-generation Muslims in the Netherlands. In this context, the situation of the so-called runaway girls and education in general are discussed. Special attention is given to the development and functioning of Islamic schools and to the education in one's own language and culture. The last topic deals with Muslim organizations, their development and role in the emancipation of these religious groups in Dutch society. Furthermore, obstacles hindering the establishment of a Muslim council on a national level are thoroughly discussed. This book can be of interest to various categories of people, such as scholars (theologians, social scientists, lawyers), policy makers, and those who, through their profession, are in regular contact with members of the Muslim community in the Netherlands.