Iron Age and Romano-British Agriculture in the North Gloucestershire Severn Vale

Two reports are published in this volume: Prehistoric and Early Historic Activity, Settlement and Burial at Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury: Excavations at Rudgeway Lane 2004-2005 (by Jonathan Hart and E.R. McSloy), and Romano-British Agriculture at the former St James's Railway Station, Cheltenham: Excavations in 2000-2001 (by Laurent Coleman and Martin Watts). Significant remains from Rudgeway Lane include two Middle Bronze Age parallel ditches (the remains of an enclosure, or possibly a long barrow), and a Middle Iron Age enclosure superseded by 1st century AD unenclosed settlement, that was in turn replaced by a 2nd to late 3rd-century AD enclosed rectilinear settlement featuring a roundhouse, a well, several burials and an associated trackway. Two 6th-century burials, one with grave goods, were later made within the abandoned farmstead. At the St James's site in Cheltenham, excavation revealed a field system that was used and developed throughout the Roman period, together with a number of pits and postholes, with two late 4th century AD burials.