Iris is a collection of 60 rhymes: Rhyme, Language is Murder, Y asks XX, Why?, Art, Heresy, Eh Canada, Middle Class, Truth, Shoulder, Acorn, Shame, Consume, Peter Parker Picked a Patch of Primo, Women Want What?, Evolution, Sellout, The Sappiest Place on Earth, Fat, Ghost, Holiday Sneer, Pride, Believe Make Believe, Ugly Duckling, Necromancy Nancy, More is Less, SeXXXy?, Extremists, Mask, NYC, Not a Game, Tragedy, Ambition, Masturbation, Illusion, Charity, Depression, Yay, Two Hearts, Risk, Write, Games, Vexed, Fame, All Your Base, Guess, All work, Ass-umptions, Beauty, Crimin-all of us, Developmental Alphabet, Earn a Plate, Lady Fuck, Gossip, Shy, Pornetry, Blockbuster, Parent Hood, Just for Laughs, Worst for Last.