Ion Beam Synthesis and Processing of Advanced Materials: Volume 647

The nonequilibrium processes associated with ion-solid interactions offer a great potential to synthesize and modify advanced materials. Recent progress in ion beam synthesis and processing has allowed the development of advanced materials with properties designed and tailored specifically for their applications. The design and interpretation of experimental work is supported by modeling and predictive simulations, both from the atomistic and the nonequilibrium thermodynamics viewpoints. This book focuses on those properties of advanced materials that are uniquely suited to modification and improvement by ion beans, eg, electrical, optical, magnetic and structural properties, surface hardness, and nanofabrication. Topics include: fundamentals and defect kinetics; materials with novel electrical, optical and magnetic properties; ion-beam-induced slicing and focused ion beam applications; metastable phases, plastic flow and patterning of surfaces; surface modification (hardness and texture); ion beam synthesis of nanostructures and thin layers; ion-solid interactions for optoelectronics/photonics and microelectronic materials and semiconductor and electronic materials.