Inverse Problems, Image Analysis and Medical Imaging: AMS Special Session on Interaction of Inverse Problems and Image Analysis, January 10-13, 2001, New Orleans, Louisiana

This book contains the proceedings of the Special Session, Interaction of Inverse Problems and Image Analysis, held at the January 2001 meeting of the AMS in New Orleans, LA. The common thread among inverse problems, signal analysis, and image analysis is a canonical problem: recovering an object (function, signal, picture) from partial or indirect information about the object. Both inverse problems and imaging science have emerged in recent years as interdisciplinary research fields with profound applications in many areas of science, engineering, technology, and medicine. Research in inverse problems and image processing shows rich interaction with several areas of mathematics and strong links to signal processing, variational problems, applied harmonic analysis, and computational mathematics.This volume contains carefully referred and edited original research papers and high-level survey papers that provide overview and perspective on the interaction of inverse problems, image analysis, and medical imaging. The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in signal and image processing and medical imaging.