Invariant Distances and Metrics in Complex Analysis

As in the field of Invariant Distances and Metrics in Complex Analysis there was and is a continuous progress this is now the second extended edition of the corresponding monograph. This comprehensive book is about the study of invariant pseudodistances (non-negative functions on pairs of points) and pseudometrics (non-negative functions on the tangent bundle) in several complex variables. It is an overview over a highly active research area at the borderline between complex analysis, functional analysis and differential geometry. New chapters are covering the Wu, Bergman and several other metrics. The book considers only domains in Cn and assumes a basic knowledge of several complex variables. It is a valuable reference work for the expert but is also accessible to readers who are knowledgeable about several complex variables. Each chapter starts with a brief summary of its contents and continues with a short introduction. It ends with an Exercises and a List of problems section that gathers all the problems from the chapter. The authors have been highly successful in giving a rigorous but readable account of the main lines of development in this area.