Introduction to US Law and Legal Research

Whether studying American law outside the United States or intending to enroll in a graduate program in the United States, for an LL.M., it is necessary to become aware of the major differences that exist between the U.S. legal system and other systems of law. This book helps a student bridge that gap and quickly grasp a solid introductory foundation of American law and legal research techniques that will easily permit focus on the legal field of their choice. Features and Benefits Major differences and similarities between the US common law system and the civil law system Clear, straightforward commentary of legal resources Analyzes in-print and online repositories of law Defines basic principles of legal research Become More Effective Obtain the much needed basic principles of legal research Find out about the numerous free-of-charge repositories of law Learn how to strategize your research according to your resources and needs Understand the Meaning of Law in American Legal Studies Explains the different meanings of law Describes the branches of the government and how they all make law Explains the sources of statutory law, case law, and administrative law Explains the idiosyncrasies of legal research through the dynamic nature of US law Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.