Introduction to Organisational Behaviour

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour, 3E provides a concise and engaging grounding in the core concepts and practical issues of Organizational Behaviour for students with little or no previous experience of business or management. The book adopts a micro-macro approach to OB, starting with the individual through to groups and teams and finishing with the organization. The authors' approach is balanced between a management and psychological perspective, and is pedagogically enhanced with up-to-date illustrative examples, case studies and assessment material. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect developments within the field. It includes a new chapter on organization environments - giving special attention to the topical concept of the 'knowledge worker', and dedicates increased coverage to sociological issues such as structure, strategy, power and subjectivity.Features of this book include: a concise and straightforward approach, offering a broad introduction to the discipline; new coverage of discourse and post-structuralism in organisational analysis; and, updated case studies at the end of each chapter, illustrating the main themes of the chapter and allowing students to apply OB in practice. Questions are found at the end of each case study to test students' understanding of the cases Further reading at the end of each chapter to provide students with the opportunity to explore further topics of interest in OB key terms, summaries, discussion and self-test questions to highlight the practical application of OB concepts and encourage students to critically review the material.