Intervention Planning for Children with Communication Disorders: A Guide for Clinical Practicum and Professional Practice

At last, a textbook for practicum! This comprehensive volume explores the decision-making process involved in clinical intervention planning across categories of children's communication disorders. In addition, it guides students in their writing of goals and procedures throughout their clinical training. Authors Klein and Moses consider the question, What should I do first in therapy? Their answer is to conceptualize an overall intervention plan before addressing the client's first session. The chapters are conveniently organized according to three phases: long-term, short-term, and session. Goal writing and procedure planning are viewed as a problem-solving and decision-making process that evolves across these three phases. The three-phase design provides a natural course format for professors and allows students to digest the large amount of information in a systematic way. The problem-solving process at each of the three phases is illustrated by the presentation of case study data on a range of disorder types. Four case studies allow the professor to draw commonalties in decision making across disorder types. The student can use these case presentations as models for the formulation of goals and procedures before approaching work with their own clients.