Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics: 7th Conference Cipanp2000, Quebec City, Canada, 22-28 May 2000

The purpose of this meeting, as with the six previous conferences in this series, was to bring together particle and nuclear physicists to share scientific reports and discuss areas of research which overlap both disciplines. The need for such an interdisciplinary conference was recognized by Alan D. Krisch and Malcolm H. MacFarlane, founding fathers of the CIPANP series. Its relevance has steadily grown as the areas of overlap between particle and nuclear physics have increased. In addition, the success of the standard model has provided a common underpinning for both disciplines as well as similar fundamental goals. Indeed, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) has proven to be the theory of strong interactions. As such, it forms the basis for nuclear physics as well as high energy hadronic interactions. Topics included are: QCD spectroscopy and dynamics, relativistic heavy ions, QCD and nuclear structure, lepton-hadron and hadron-hadron scattering, heavy quark and heavy lepton physics, spin physics, nuclear and particle astrophysics, neutrinos, accelerators, facilities and detectors, as well as tests of fundamental symmetries.