Interpersonal Practice in Social Work: Promoting Competence and Social Justice

A social work practice text that incorporates many theoretical approaches, primarily ecological approaches, and emphasizes issues of social justice, which is now mandated in CSWE curriculum guidelines. Diversity is integrated through the social justice theme, including the consequences of experiencing oppression based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability. The text presents the most up-to-date theories and approaches to working with individuals, families, groups and organizations, with comprehensive chapters on assessment of families (Ch. 9), groups (Ch. 10), organizations and communities (Ch. 11), and on changing families (Ch. 14) and groups (Ch. 15). This edition includes coverage of empowerment theory, social conflict, and critical consciousness, and a chapter on social work with involuntary clients (Ch. 5). An Instructor's Manual provides instructors with invaluable assistance in teaching the course.