International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy and Practice

International Human Rights offers an accessible, problem-based pedagogy that gets students to consider the issues from a political, as well as legal, perspective. Balancing practical considerations and underlying theory, this outstanding author team delivers historical perspective and contemporary coverage of human rights efforts around the globe. Thoroughly updated, the Fifth Edition explains the impact of the 2006-2007 reform of the United Nations' human rights system, including creation of a new UN Human Rights Council and the impact of the 2007 declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. International Human Rights: Problems of Law, Policy, and Practice, features: broad coverage of recent developments in substantive areas of human rights, including developments in the United Nations and regional systems, as well as in the jurisprudence of national courts comparative analysis of the theory and practice of humanitarian intervention in Kosovo, Rwanda, Darfur, and elsewhere review of influential factors in the history of human rights law, policy, and practice the impact of human rights issues on the U.S.-China relationship New in the Fifth Edition analysis of the 2006-2007 reform of the UN human rights machinery, including the new UN Human Rights Council an evaluation of the goals and weaknesses of the UN's responsibility to protect; doctrine, in the context of calls for intervention in Darfur and elsewhere in-depth discussion of post-9/11 detention of suspected terrorists and related U.S. practice substantive examination of a number of contemporary issues, including religions rights in Europe and indigenous rights in the Americas new human rights developments in Africa, Asia, and the Arab World