International Business and Globalization

This three-volume work examines the research on the multinational enterprise (MNE) and presents a comprehensive, scholarly discussion of significant articles in this field. Editors John D. Daniels and Jeffrey A. Krug, experts in this area, focus on the micro issues of the MNE identifying important research that has defined the field in many ways. The set includes a variety of articles, the classics as well as more recent publications, from a wide selection of international sources and provides a good balance between U.S. and non-U.S. papers. Key Features Volume I examines the theory on the development of the multinational enterprise. Volume II investigates proactive motivations for FDI and the political ramifications of the MNE. Volume III collects together literature on structure and control of MNEs, focusing on how MNEs are managed and controlled. As a result, this major work provides practitioners and scholars with a comprehensive scholarly discussion of the existing work, as well as an in-depth discussion to guide future research in the area.