International Book Trade Directory: Europe, Australia, Oceania, Latin America, Africa and Asia

The latest edition of this definitive international resource provides detailed information for more than 29,000 organizations active in 289 countries, and is exhaustively cross-referenced to help you: -- Locate international aid groups, business and commercial associations, religious orders, national bodies, fraternities, conferences, and more-- Help patrons find the right contacts in the organizations they need to reach, and identify organizations with similar concerns worldwide-- Facilitate research into any organization's structure, financing, membership, aims and activities, publications, geographic scope, and more.Alphabetically arranged and now in two parts, Volume 1: Organization Descriptions and Cross-References is the most current and far-reaching reference work available on international bodies. Over 32,000 listings -- including in-depth profiles for some 12,000 major organizations -- cover everything from inter-governmental bodies and conferences to religious orders and fraternities.