Inside Passage Activity Guide: Exploring Major Ports of Call in Southeast Alaska

Paperback / softback
Because of their isolation from one another, each of Alaska s Inside Passage communities is unique, with a personality and ambience all its own. Russian-accented Sitka has little in common with the busy, working city of Ketchikan. State capitol Juneau has both metropolitan amenities and easy access to the glorious outdoors. Skagway flaunts its vibrant Klondike past, while Haines offers charms in a lower key. This informative guide covers these and all the other major destinations along this popular route, including native culture spots in the Alaska panhandle. Reliable recommendations for where to stay and dine include both haute and rustic while activities span a variety of adventures: a historical walking tour, a whale-watching cruise, fishing, or flightseeing to name just a few. Sidebar essays feature topics such as Ferry Breaks -- sightseeing options for visitors with only a two- or three-hour layover -- and Good Buys, showcasing items created and sold only at that destination. Easy-to-follow walking tours keyed to detailed town maps let visitors stay on track or veer off the beaten path.