Inscriptiones Graecae: Consilio Et Auctoritate Scientiarum Berlinensis Et Brandenburgensis Editae: Vol IX;Part 1;IV: Volume IX - Inscriptiones Graecae Septentrionalis; Part 1 - Inscriptiones Phocidis, Locridis, Aetoliae, Acarnaniae Insularum Maris Ionii,

Following the editing of the inscriptions from Aetolia, Acarnania and West Locris by G. Klaffenbach, the second revised edition of volume IG IX 1 includes the publication of the fourth fascicle, which contains the inscriptions from the five Ionian islands - Kerkyra, Leukas, Kefallinia, Ithaki and Zakinthos. It supesedes numbers 534-984 of the first edition by W. Dittenburger from 1897. The accompanying fasti gather all known sources for the history of the islands, and an appendix contains the proper names on the coins. A total of 308 inscriptions are accessed via nine indexes. A total of 308 inscriptions are reproduced on 48 plates and 57 drawings of tile dyes.