Innovative Minds: A Look Inside Siemens- Idea Machine

This book tells the story of 30 innovations - the large and the small, the rapid and the slow-moving, the disruptive and the evolutionary - and covers the entire spectrum of people and processes involved in their development. Innovative Minds provides a unique insight into the multi-dimensional process of innovation development at Siemens. All of the innovations were shaped not only by complex organizational forces and strategies, but also by a host of factors, including bold visions, creative freedom, conflicts, internal and external networks, teamwork - and an ample measure of luck. Every innovation story yields many valuable lessons, for companies and for each individual involved. With this in mind, the authors offer a wealth of experiences for all readers who are involved in the process of innovation - whether in a strategic or hands-on capacity - in fields such as research and development, marketing, production and sales, strategy and innovation management, organization and management.