Innovating Innovation: Capitalize on Complexity, Uncertainty, and Change

Innovation has been studied in academia and business for some time. It is clear that we have reached a point where record levels of complexity, uncertainty, and change require us to take a fresh look at the topic and essentially innovate innovation. Innovating Innovation takes a fresh view of the topic by exploring the four pillars of innovation. You will learn how to reinvent the foundation of your organisation, redesign your collaborative decision making, and how to create a new class of products and services that are balanced and differentiated. Finally, youll be taken to the holy grail of a sustainable innovation culture, where business models, processes, products, and services are continually changing to meet and exceed market demands, spoken and hidden. Innovating Innovation describes the last piece of the puzzle, which requires additional government collaboration in a dance that has business, academia, and government leveraging each other for both selfish gain and a broader economic health that feeds on itself.