Initiation and Promotion in Skin of Liver Neoplasia: A 65 Year Annotated Bibliography of International Literature

Initiation and Promotion in Skin or Liver Neoplasia is the only source of its kind that presents a comprehensive compilation of in vivo initiation/promotion studies that involve neoplastic changes in the skin or liver of experimental animals. The book surveys world literature over the past 65 years from almost 2,000 original studies covering nearly 200 journals in 9 languages. Publications reviewed consist of primary peer-reviewed papers, as well as those abstracts, meeting reports, and review articles, containing original data. Papers measuring both pre-neoplastic or neoplastic changes are included. The summaries for each study included in the book are highly formatted resumes that have four principal components which indicate: 1) What was done in the study; 2) How the study was done (e.g, methods); 3) The precise results obtained; 4) Individual critiques using GLP (Good Lab Practice) standards. Initiation and Promotion in Skin or Liver Neoplasia provides an indispensable abstracted reference resource for scientists, toxicologists, cancer researchers, litigators, regulators, environmentalists, policy analysts, and industry-based investigators.