Induction: Connecting Teacher Recruitment to Retention

This book is designed to help administrators, teachers and board of education members who will participate in the hiring of more than two million new teachers between now and 2015. The gap between supply of and demand for qualified professional staff can make recruiting and retaining all types of candidates extremely competitive. This book is designed to help you with every aspect of the recruitment and retention process. Given the importance of every decision made to hire or permanently retain an educator, it is beneficial to build on a strong foundation of proven practices which can be used to help one teacher or dozens of teachers complete their 3-year process from recruitment to tenure or job stability. This book offers a valuable and practical framework for thinking about how to teach successfully - year after year, class after class, student after student. It contains many insights and lessons from teachers who have found their own professional experiences genuinely rewarding and who did remain in the profession for a lifetime.