India's Economic Developments Since 1947: 2009-10

Providing a basic understanding of India's economy, this guide addresses topics such as growth, policy regime changes, unemployment, macroeconomic stabilization, agriculture, and development prospects. The book is organised into four sections: Section 1, covers the major features of Indian Economy since Independence. Section 2, Growth, Development and Structural Change, discusses the growth and development experience with reference to changes in policy regimes and goals of development. Section 3, deals with issues in Indian economic policy with regard to population and human resource development; growth, unemployment and poverty; macroeconomic stabilisation - trade, fiscal and monetary policy; and, agriculture, industry, services and trade. Section 4, looks at India's development prospects. The book is essentially, a collection of select articles by eminent economists and experts. These highly recommended original readings are well supported by comprehensive 'editorial notes' by Uma Kapila. In addition to being a textbook, this volume also serves as an ideal gateway for any interested reader to explore, in a most authentic manner, various aspects relating to India's economic development since 1947.