Compounds with 13 to 100 Carbon Atoms (Supplement to Subvolume C)

Series: Indexes (3F)
Mixed media product
This index is the first step to a full electronization of all Landolt-Boernstein volumes that have been published to date. The goals are, to create a material knowledge system, to provide a means of accessing all the data in electronic form and to be able to search effectively specific data. Parallel to the electronization, the data will be indexed, similar to these volumes. The index is prepared in two different forms: a printed book in six subvolumes (A - F) and an electronical database. Up to now, many users prefer printed books to electronical media. Books can show a large amount of information in high printing quality with one single glance. They are documents which survive all changes of computer systems and operating systems. Of course, the electronical version gives more functionality to the data, e.g. substructure search and structure comparison methods. Further, the electronical version contains additional links to third party references (Beilstein and LiqCryst registration numbers) as well as more alternative compound names.