Incredible Journeys: Amazing Animal Migrations

Series: Animal Planet
The leading media brand for all things animal, this is an exciting and innovative book program that continues to deliver engaging, high-quality information about the animal kingdom. Launched in 1997, Animal Planet today has a unique global reach. It is broadcast in more than 96 million US households and 165 other countries, in 24 languages. In Incredible Journeys: Amazing Animal Migrations by Animal Planet, follow the amazing migration stories of creatures as diverse as the African wildebeest, the plains zebra, the American monarch butterfly, the Mexican free-tailed bat and the Pacific bluefin tunas as they travel from one habitat to another to find food, avoid predators and extreme temperatures, or to breed. Readers will learn how they navigate huge distances with pinpoint accuracy and observe how scientists and conservationists track these amazing creatures using a combination of bushcraft techniques, satellite navigation and state-of-the-art technology to uncover some of the natural world's most intriguing secrets.